About Us

about us
Shane Isham – Owner

Shane Isham, the owner of IWP (formerly Isham Waterproofing), started his waterproofing career in 1992. Shane has personally performed each and every task that his team is required to do throughout his career so that he knows not only the best products to use but how everything works and changes over time. IWP has a full crew with specialists for each discipline. One crew is dedicated to repairing leaky basements, including straightening bowed basement walls, installing drain tile and sump pumps, and waterproofing leaky basement walls. Another crew is the experts in waterproofing new construction basements and installing vapor barriers on exterior walls. IWP also has its own heavy equipment and operators to trench around basement walls in preparation for waterproofing. We are a team of experts in basement repair, waterproofing, and new construction. We have experience in everything from residential homes to commercial businesses. We can handle everything you throw at us. Call our foundation repair company today if you’re ready to get started on your home and receive a free quote!