Over 26 years of local experience in repairing leaky basements, foundation repair and waterproofing.

Our Services Include:

Basement wall repair for water leaks, repair basement wall cracks and basement leaks, bowed basement walls and repair basement leaks from the inside or from the outside.  Our repairs will work on poured concrete bulging basement walls and block wall cracks.

Power lift driveway, sidewalk and porch concrete that has settled too low causing drainage issues.

Repair and install basement drain tiles and sump pumps to repair basement drain issues.

Repair of basement floor cracks, basement leaks and virtually any other basement repair you need.

Power lifting of foundations that have settled and caused basement cracks, cracks in brick and other foundation issues.

Install new or repair basement windows with window wells for aesthetics and safety.

Commercial repair and new construction waterproofing, membrane installation and drain tile.

New residential construction waterproofing and drain tile.

Our Foundation Repair Services:

We can fix the following issues, along with many others, safely and effectively.






Areas we Service:

Based in Wichita, KS we regularly perform work in Wichita, Valley Center, Newton, McPherson, Salina, Hutchinson, Augusta, Andover,  Wellington, Hugoton, and many other locations in Kansas.  If you have a leaky basement we can fix it.  If you have a bowed basement wall we can stabalize, repair it, and correct the basement wall.  We can install waterproofing, membrane, environmental coatings, drain tile and many other products to meet your new construction requirements.

We are a Distributor:

Our waterproofing products come to us direct from the manufacturer.  We have a wide variety of waterproofing products available for standard membrane, and high-build membrane.

As a distributor we maintain a large stock of foundation drain tile, drain tubes, drain pipe, drain tile fittings, knitted polyester wrap drain tile, drain tile fittings, sump basins and sump pump basin lids.  If you need to purchase a large quantity give us a call.

We use the best quality material that is guaranteed to last.