• Slab Pier Systems Installation
    Wichita, KS

The solution for settled, uneven concrete floors or a failing concrete slab is the Grip-Tite Slab Pier System. The Slab Pier System utilizes high strength tube steel to extend support of the slab to below the active soils in Wichita, KS. A reinforced concrete bulb is then created at each pier location beneath the slab to provide uniform bearing support and to effectively transfer the load from the slab, to the top of the pier, and to the deeper competent soils.

How Do Slab Pier Systems Work?

With the Grip-Tite Slab Pier System, heavy-duty steel brackets are attached to the failed slab and steel piers driven beneath to stable soil strata. Utilizing hydraulic equipment, the concrete slab is lifted to the appropriate level, stabilized and the bracket is removed.


  • Floor slabs can be leveled and stabilized without the mess and inconvenience of replacement
  • Installation does not require the use of heavy equipment
  • Can be installed in areas of limited access and throughout the year
  • Cost-effective solution for settled, uneven concrete floors and slabs
  • Available with hot-dipped galvanized coating for added corrosion resistance

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