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The Grip-Tite Crawl Space Stabilizer is a reliable and heavy-duty solution for sagging floor joists and unsupported beams in your home's foundation. The stabilizer levels and stabilizes existing support beams and floor joists with minimal disturbance to surrounding areas. The product is versatile and can be fitted to various heights – allowing it to be used in crawl spaces as well as full basements.

How Does The Crawl Space Stabilizer Work?

The Grip-Tite Crawl Space Stabilizer is made of high strength steel with an adjustable rod and sturdy steel plates to work in almost any application. A precast concrete square and a bed of compacted stone is set under each rod to ensure that it stays stable over the years. Because it is made of steel and installed on concrete, the stabilizer won't settle, rot, or shift like traditional wood support posts. The stabilizer can be installed quickly without an excessive amount of excavation and can be adjusted if needed over the years. 

What Are the Advantages of the Crawl Space Stabilizer?

Crawl space stabilizers can be used in basements or crawl spaces, and they come with a lot of benefits for your home and your wallet, including:

  • Cost-competitive versus other jack-post or lolly column alternatives
  • Stabilizer spacing can be adjusted to assure stresses in beam joists and soils are within acceptable limits
  • High capacity steel columns can be fitted to the desired length
  • Pre-drilled holes in steel plate allow for connection to the beam or floor joists
  • Provides supplemental support of an axial load of up to 30,000 lbs
  • Works with crushed stone or concrete base to support and transfer load

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