We Provide Professional, Reliable Foundation Repair Services to the Wichita Area

Foundation failure, basement wall bowing/cracking, sinking and settlement is what we specialize in. We will provide you a permanent solution that you can count on to repair your foundation, your home, and investment. Depending on the approach, foundation repair can sometimes be costly. Our goal is to give you options based on the needs of your home overall conditions as well as a specific repair plan for the site your home sits on.

Foundation Repair Options

Push Pier Installation

Home Leveling

Home Lifting

Foundation Stabilization

Foundation Crack Repair

Bowed Wall Repair

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Know the signs

Sagging Or Flexing Floors Over Crawlspace

Do you have a leak in your basement? Do you notice your basement wall bowing or cracking?

These are signs that you basement is in need of repair! We have over 26 years of experience in basements sinking and settling. Give us a call to get the information you need to fix and protect your home.

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