Replacing a block basement wall.

Today we started a major repair on an older home.  The block basement wall was collapsing and required complete replacement.  The first step was to install a support beam and support posts underneath the home's floor joists.  This will hold the house in place while we tear down the basement block wall and build a new wall.  We can either pour a new concrete wall or rebuild the wall using blocks that will look similar to the original construction.  When we tore the old wall out we found that no concrete was poured into the block cavities, which was typical for older homes.  There is always a surprise in each new job.  As we tore the old blocks out we discovered several snakes.  The empty cavities were perfect for hibernation.  The snakes will need to find a new home since the new block wall we are building will not have any open cavities as we fill those with concrete to provide extra strength and support in the new walls.