IWP Foundation Repair Has Their Premiere on Good Day Kansas

Foundation Repairs and Family Values Going Hand in Hand

WP Foundation Repair business owner Shane Isham recently appeared on Good Day Kansas to talk about the business and the services that IWP provides to the local community.  A locally owned, family-run business, IWP provides foundation repair and waterproofing solutions to Wichita, KS, and the surrounding area.  Proud to serve the community, the business is rooted in family. 

“It’s important…everyone on our crew feels like family”

Shane Isham

The business started over 10 years ago, when Shane and his wife began as a small family business that has continued to grow.  IWP likes to take the family culture they cultivated and share it with their customers. 

Basement Waterproofing With an Emphasis on Service

Shane points out that water can enter your home in lots of different ways.  Water can come in from under the slab, or from cracks in the walls.  “90% of all the work we do is because of negative drainage” he says.  Therefore, by creating positive drainage, a lot of water entry can be prevented.  Mulch can be removed from around the home and the sloping can be checked in ensure there is positive drainage versus negative.  Concrete should also be checked to see how it slopes around the home and especially under decks.  If you are noticing cracks, moisture, or bowing these are symptoms that your home may have problems.  

IWP Is Here to Help You and Your Family

If you are experiencing potential issues with your foundation or water entering your home, IWP Foundation Repair is here to help.  We love the feeling of knowing that we have solved your problem and have left your home safe and secure.  IWP offers a 25-year transferrable warranty on all their interior and exterior products, and their work is also backed up by their professional and caring crew. Contact IWP Foundation Repairs today for all your Foundation and Waterproofing needs.