How To Choose A Foundation Contractor

Choosing a contractor for any type of home renovation project is extremely important.  This is someone that you will be welcoming into your home, exposing your family and personal belongings to, and trusting that they will provide you with exceptional service while performing the work to industry standards. Moving forward with a contractor that you are comfortable with and who understands your goals should be your primary focus.  Picking a contractor on price alone can be risky in multiple ways.

What Should I Look For When Picking A Contractor?

Included are a few tips on how to make a good decision when choosing a contractor:

  • Be an educated consumer – have some level of understanding about the work to be performed. Google some common repair options, etc.
  • Connect with the contractor in person as part of your decision-making process. – Get a feel for the person who will potentially be working on your home by asking questions.
  • Do your research on the potential contractor – Check their credentials, references, and referrals. Look at previous projects they have completed for evidence of their skills.
  • Request your proposal to be documented – Never initiate work to be performed without a formal agreement in writing with multiple copies.
  • Be realistic with your expectations regarding ‘Quality’ and ‘Price’. – Foundation repair is expensive, but it doesn’t always have to break the bank. Do some comparison shopping to get a good picture of what you can expect when the bill is due.
  • Ensure all work is completed before signing off on the completed project with the contractor. – This helps you and the contractor avoid any legal entanglements or time wasted with phone calls.

Trust IWP

The biggest thing to remember when choosing a contractor is trust. Never pick a contractor that you don’t fully trust with your home. Additionally, do not allow the contractor to pressure you into a decision or use a scare tactic to up-sell on the project. A good contractor will take the time to sit with you, explain the pros and cons of each repair option, and guide you to the best decision. They should never bully you into choosing them. If you’re ready to experience the best contractors in Wichita, you can give us a call today for a free quote!