Check Out Our Healthy Basement Checklist

Obtaining and maintaining a healthy basement is important for both the occupants of the home, as well as the structure and longevity of the house itself. There are a few, critical components to a healthy basement. The following checklist can be used by you, the property owner, as a starting point to determine the overall health and safety of your home. You should look for:

  • Unwanted insect inhabitants
    • Some insects in basements and crawl spaces are common
    • Excessive insect inhabitants may be an indication of deeper issues
  • Visible and apparent moisture on walls, in corners, on floor
    • Moisture can be common – specifically in crawl spaces and in unfinished and uninsulated areas of a basement
    • Excessive moisture that has led to discoloration and mold growth is an indication of an unhealthy environment
  • Water accumulation near exterior walls, drains pipes, and sump pump basins
    • Any amount of water accumulation – specifically where water is not intended to be – is an indication of a potentially serious issue
    • Water accumulation after a rain or after a thaw can indicate improper exterior drainage and grading
    • Accumulation of water can also be a symptom of structural integrity lost within the foundation
  • Visible cracks in drywall and concrete walls
    • Some level of cracks within a structure can be typical – and not require further attention. These are typically smaller in size.
    • Other types of cracks – horizontal, vertical, and diagonal – can be indications of stressors being applied to the foundation from various sources

Choose IWP

When you need any of these problems addressed, you want a company you can trust. At IWP, we listen to your concerns and fully inspect your home before we make any suggestions or changes. We want to be confident that we’re making the best choice for your home. If you’ve noticed any of the above issues within your home or are concerned about these problems down the road, contact one of our highly qualified professionals for an inspection and receive a free quote today!