Sagging or Flexing Floors Over Crawlspace

The Symptoms:

Sagging or flexing floors over a crawl space are unsightly, an irritation to live with, and can be hazardous. A sagging or flexing floor can be obvious visually and audibly through creaking occasionally. Cracks within the floor itself, gaps between the floor and the baseboard trim, and a visible slant or bow are common signs of a problem.

The Causes:

Typically, sagging floors are an indication that your floor joists have lost their integrity. Such deterioration is often caused by a damp or unhealthy crawl space. Another cause of sagging floors is over-spanning caused by poor design and construction of a home. Sagging floors aren’t the end of your home’s life however, and can be repaired with professional help.

Do I Need To Fix This?

In order to properly assess the situation, at a minimum, you should have a trained professional review the condition of the floors, floor joists, and foundation if any of these symptoms are present. Sagging or flexing floors is an indication of potentially serious issues with your foundation, something you don’t want to wait to fix.

Our Solution:

Our certified technician will assess the crawl space and provide an expert analysis of the situation and overall condition. The ECP Stabilizer, an adjustable post jack system is capable of supporting your joists and leveling and stabilizing your home’s floor. Made with the same structural steel as our foundation piers, the ECP Stabilizer can be anchored at grade level or below grade for a finished look. It can also be installed over a concrete floor or pad. The adjustable cap provides for any adjustment that may be required over time due to changing conditions. The ECP Stabilizer is an affordable, versatile system that will keep a solid floor under your family. Water management solutions may also be necessary to prevent further issues; including:

  • Encapsulation
  • Barrier
  • Dehumidification

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