Common Symptom: Sticking Doors & Windows

sticking doors windows

During the hot summer months, homeowners often experience sticking or hard to open doors and windows. When homeowners first experience sticking doors and windows, their first worry is likely humidity. It is a common misconception that humidity is the only cause of sticking doors, leaving many homeowners trying to fix the problem themselves instead of searching for the real issue. However, sticking doors are often a sign of a much more severe problem with your foundation.

If you’re experiencing sticking doors, you may also notice diagonal cracks at the corner of your doors or sloping floors. It is also common for there to be wedge-like gaps at the tops or sides of your doors and windows. Because these problems usually point to more significant foundation issues, it’s important to get them checked out by an experienced foundation repair company such as IWP Foundation Repair.

Sticking Door & Window Repairs

When surveying your home, IWP will take the time to make sure that your sticking doors and windows aren’t pointing to a bigger problem. Our well-trained staff uses only the highest quality ECP products for a range of foundation repair services. Our various foundation repair services can reinforce your foundation and ensure the stability of your home. Foundation problems are dangerous, as the foundation is the true base of a strong home.

A common cause of sticking doors is having a settling foundation. When the soil around your home gets wet, it expands, pushing in on your walls and causing cracks and sticking doors, among other problems. If you’ve come across doors or windows in your home that stick, call IWP Foundation Repair to come to take a look. We have you covered.