The Symptoms:

Windows and doors that “stick”, or do not open and close properly are a nuisance, and can be an indication of other issues. The stickiness is only one symptom – other related symptoms are windows and doors that swing open after being pushed shut, or have gaps around the tops and bottoms; windows that require extra effort to operate would fall into this same category. In many cases, cracking in drywall or plaster near the corners of the window frame and door frame will accompany the stickiness.

The Causes:

This “stickiness” and cracks can be common signs of a foundation settlement issue. Weak soils that cannot support the home’s foundation as it should causes settlement. This settlement of the soil will impact the foundation – which in turn then causes doors and windows to lose their square alignment creating the problem with opening and closing, and other operational issues. In some cases, the stickiness and such can be caused by environmental issues – such as humidity – or other cosmetic influences such as paint or a bad hinge.

Do I Need to Fix This?

Expansive soils can put pressure on the foundation causing it to settle and adjust. This settling of the home’s foundation will cause the misalignment of the windows and doors. If left untreated, continued and additional pressure will be applied to the foundation potentially causing additional issues and compromising the foundation further. Each situation is different – an assessment by a certified technician should take place to determine the appropriate next steps.

Our Solution:

Supporting your foundation properly in deep, stable soil strata is what the Grip-Tite Push Pier and Grip-Tite Helical Pile are engineered to do. Once installed with strong, Grip-Tite foundation brackets, you home will be stable and every effort will be made to return it to near level and allow those doors and windows to work properly again. Our certified technician will explain how these systems will work for you and provide a safe home and environment for your family once again.

Do you have a leak in your basement? Do you notice your basement wall bowing or cracking?

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